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Force One Capital is a leading private equity firm that specializes in identifying, investing in and strategically enhancing the performance of promising companies. With a track record of excellence and a commitment to excellence, we have consistently delivered exceptional results for our portfolio companies and investors.

At Force One Capital, we invite businesses and investors to join us on the journey of growth, innovation and success. As a trusted private equity partner, we have proven record of transforming businesses, creating value, and delivering outstanding returns. By embracing change and actively engaging with companies, we play a pivotal role in reshaping industries and contributing to economic growth.

our mission

Our objective is to achieve exceptional returns through the acquisition of thriving, niche-dominating businesses and elevating them to greater heights.

We plan to achieve this by collaborating with management teams to enhance operations, foster organic growth endeavours, and execute supplementary acquisitions. Our goal is to generate value for all stakeholders by cultivating companies that, upon our exit, are not only larger but also markedly improved in terms of quality and strategic positioning.

Core Objectives

Our Services

Venture Capital

Venture capital services are a cornerstone of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing start-ups with capital, expertise, and support needed to transform ideas into thriving businesses. Venture capital services are not limited to the simple exchange of funds for equity. They involve a structured process: Sourcing, Due-Diligence, Investment, Value-Add, Growth and Exit. Tap into our seasoned investment expertise as we guide you through the dynamic landscape of venture capital, identifying and nurturing potential opportunities. Our Commitment to your success also goes beyond funding – we offer mentorship and resources to empower your venture at every stage.

Private Equity & Debt

Private equity and debt services are two pillars of the financial world, each offering distinct benefits and considerations for businesses and investors. Understanding these instruments and making informed choices about how to raise and deploy capital are essential steps for the growth and success of any organization. Whether it’s private equity or debt financing, both serve vital tools to fuel business expansion and economic development. Our team tailors financing solutions to fit your specific needs, providing the right mix of equity and debt for optimal capital structure. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are powerful tools that can help reshape the business landscape, driving growth, innovation, and market leadership. Through Force One we can help you navigate the complexities of M&A transactions that require specialize expertise and strategic planning. Whether you’re a business seeking growth opportunities or an investor looking to participate in the dynamic world of M&A, understanding and leveraging our M&A services will be an essential to your success. 

Capital Markets Advisory

Whether you’re a corporation seeking to optimize your capital structure or an individual investor looking to grow your wealth, our expertise and guidance we provide can make a difference between financial success and uncertainty. Our advisory services provide valuable guidance, strategies and insights to navigate this complex and ever-evolving landscape. 

Investor Relations

Investor relations services are the bridge that connects businesses with their investors, creating an environment of transparency and trust. Our investor relation services involve a comprehensive and continuous effort to communication strategy, financial reporting, transparency, shareholder engagement, analyst relations and crisis management. Embrace the power of our investor relations services to enhance your company’s financial reputation and foster lasting investor confidence.

Business Consulting & Strategy

Business consulting and strategy services are the catalyst for growth and innovation. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations must adapt and thrive. Whether you’re a start-up seeking a solid foundation, an established business pursuing transformation, or an industry leader aiming to maintain your edge, our business consulting and strategy services are the key to unlocking your full potential. Embrace the power of strategic consultancy to navigate complexities, seize opportunities, and achieve sustained success.

Board Roles & Positions

Our executive team takes on select board role positions. Their unique perspective, industry expertise, and strategic vision are instrumental in shaping a company’s future. They are known to enhance transparency, alignment, and accountability, ultimately contributing to the organization’s success and sustainability.

Mortgages (Raw land, construction financing, commercial & residential buildings)

Mortgage services are the financial foundation of real estate ventures, whether you’re a homebuyer, property developer, or commercial investor. We have access to capital enabling you to turn property related dreams to reality. From raw land purchases to constructing your next commercial building or securing your dream home, our mortgage services are the bridge between your vision and real estate success.

Force One Capital


Active Involvement

We believe in actively engaging with our clients. Our hands-on approach means working closely with management teams to drive innovation, enhance operations, and maximize efficiency.

Value Addition

 Our team bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the table, enabling us to provide valuable insights and strategies to our portfolio companies 

Strategic Investment

We carefully select businesses that align with our investment strategy, conducting rigorous due diligence to identify opportunities with high growth potential.

Exit Strategy

We have a well-defined exit strategy that aims to maximize returns. Whether through a strategic sale, initial public offering, or merger, we are committed to realizing the full potential of our investments

Ready to explore the possibilities? Contact us today to learn more about how Force One Capital can be your partner for growth. We look forward to working with you to unlock your business’s full potential and drive success.

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