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We will help raise private capital,
design and deploy “go to market” strategies
and attract key stakeholders to your business.


Economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad
range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions.

Business Fundraising

Whether you are a Start-up or Fortune 500, we have the resources to raise all types of capital: Private Equity, Debt Financing, Convertible Notes, and many other hybrid structures.

Sales and Marketing

This is an area of “Poster and Positioning”. We help create the needed tools in order to attract meaningful investors and enhance your brand values.

Business Financing

Business Loans, LOC’s, Purchase Order financing, LOI’s, Equipment Financing, Asset based lending etc.

About us

What does “Force One” mean?

We offer both private and publicly traded small to medium-cap companies with a range of traditional merchant banking services alongside more private and creative routes to help companies reach the next level of growth. Specializing in the Cannabis, AI Tech, Real Estate and Energy, Force Ones principals are here to help.




Are you a business or entrepreneur looking for capital? Our focus verticals are: Cannabis, Technology and Real Estate. We have raised over 45 million dollars so far 2019 for clients across North America. We have also worked with companies in Healthcare, Telecommunications, Mining and Exploration and Pharma.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and marketers with a long standing track record of brokering and closing business in the above verticals. Our Founders have been apart of several exits and IPO’s and our experience and positive results speaks for itself.

We have the ability to think “outside the box” and create unique partnerships, hybrid contracts and unique funding mechanisms to your financing needs.

Whether we are raising money for a pre-revenue start-up or an already established publicly traded company, our team of experts simply know how to get things done.

We can fund; purchase or sales orders, equipment needs, working capital and more. We have been successful during all rounds of capital fundraising needs for our clients.

Get in touch with us today for a discovery call info@forceonecapital.ca


Are you looking for capital placement or unique investment opportunities?
At Force One Capital, our mission is to play match maker to our investors and clients alike. Each investor has its own threshold and risk levels, some might be interested in a short term play and some might be more willing to wait a little longer for a higher return. You may be interested in the next “hot” industry or company, this is where we come in. We continually have our hand on the pulse of the market and understand our clients businesses almost as well as they do, which gives out investors deep confidence when reviewing opportunities to inject capital.If you are a Personal Investor, Angel, Venture Capitalist or Institution – We will always have multiple opportunities for your review.We treat your money like it was our money and handle these relationships with care.

Get in touch with us here to review your needs, one of the founders will get in touch with you directly info@forceonecaptial.ca



We work to make your business start effectively working for you.
Meet the financial and marketing specialists.

Anthony Rossi


Anthony studied Marketing and Business at Laurentian University. He has also studied at Stanford University, CA. where he completed a dual certification in Advanced Entrepreneurship and Technology. Anthony’s core strength is building nationwide sales and marketing organizations from scratch. He has created billions in sales revenues for his clients, partners and employers.

David Farris

Managing Partner

Recognizing the power of networking early on, Dave set sail to grow his exponentially. After graduating from International Business in 2008, he travelled the globe, making strategic relationships in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and The Caribbean, which has allowed him to have a worldwide reach.

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